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International Exposition in Paris 1900

In the dawn of the 20th century, the international expo “ EXPOSITION UNIVERSELLE de PARIS-NEUILLY 1900 ” takes place in Paris in the Areos Park with Gustave Eiffel as the president of the organization.

In an amazing area covering thousands of square metres, all technological achievements focusing on Eiffels tower are presented.

76.000 exhibitors from almost all over the world take part, whereas visitors reach the peak of 50.000.000.

The greek participation was of such an importance promoting the technological achievements of the newly Greek State that was coordinated by a special committee ( Comissariat Hellenique ..pour l exposition Universelle de 1900) in cooperation with the Greek embassy in Paris.

Nicolaos Callicounis participates with a special “ Pavillon “ of the Distillery promoting and displaying the products Liqueurs and Cognac .

During the Exposition from the 15 April to 22 November of 1900 , 25.000 visitors are introduced into the magic taste of the original Liqueurs and to the subtle flavor of the Cognac of the Distillery .

The interest and the fame for the original products was so spread that the famous CAFÉ ANGLAIS , meeting point of the artists and intellectuals in Paris, in the BOULEVARD DES ITALIENS , commands a great number of bottles , which occupy since a privilege place into the CAVE of the most famous restaurant in Paris .

At the “ International spirit and wine competition ” which took place during the Exposition , organized by the best known French and Europeans Connoisseurs as members of the Jury and the Ville de Paris , Nicolaos Callicounis was awarded by the Gold Medal for the Liqueurs and Cognac .

This grand and honorary distinction to the Greek Spirit Industry has been celebrated into a special reception in the Greek Embassy in Paris .

Later in Kalamata The King George of the Hellens awards to Nicolaos Callicounis the Silver Cross of the Knights as a recognition of his services to the Greek Industry .