• Established in 1850

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  • Callicounis Distillery

    The oldest distillery in Greece

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    G. CALLICOUNIS established the first steam powered distillery equipment with the best known machinery at the time.

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Callicounis Distilleries

since 1850 holds the highest distinction of being one of the oldest distilleries still existent in Greece with the same founding family remaining as its ownership.

As this historical company slowly transitions into the 5th generation, innovation, quality and ethics are the resounding priniciples that drive this company into the forefront of this new economy.


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Callicounis Distilleries

as born due to the inspiration and fortitude of the founder of the company N.G. Callicounis. During his time, he was a visionary and brought steam powered technology to Kalamata, Greece back in the 1800’s. In addition, he created the internationally acclaimed and award winning Brandy Alexander – which has brought notoriety and recognition to this distillery from all over the world.


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Classic spirits created by our R&D Team is extensive.

Products that are distilled by Callicounis include: Flavoured Vodkas, Rum, Gin, Sambuca, Tequila, Whiskey, Vermouth, Schnapps of all flavours, Liqueurs of all flavours. Our expertise and persistent to ensure quality is evident as many of our customers have been loyal to our products for decades.


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The origins of Greek spirits

in Greece, were mainly created by the monastic community.
The types of these spirits can be categorized into White Spirits and Sweet Liqueurs.
The white spirits are mainly consumed during a meal or as a ‘snack’, whereas the sweet liqueurs were mainly created as a after dinner drink or a digestif.

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