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International Exposition in Paris 1900

In the dawn of the 20th century, the international expo “ EXPOSITION UNIVERSELLE de PARIS-NEUILLY 1900 ” takes place in Paris in the Areos Park with Gustave Eiffel as the president of the organization. In an amazing area covering thousands of square metres, all technological achievements focusing on Eiffels tower are presented. 76.000 exhibitors from […]

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Callicounis Distillery

George Callicounis with his living memories of his child hood in Kalamata and the experience gained during his studies in Triesto combines with knowledge and imagination the alcoholic extraction and distillation of the big variety of aromatic plants , flowers herbs and roots of the rich vegetation of Southern Greece.

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The Classic Architectural conception Building of the Company into the Center of Kalamata. Built in 1910. In 1850 G. CALLICOUNIS established in Kalamata of Messinia prefecture in Greece, the first steam powered distillery equipment with the best known machinery at the time. With studies of chemistry in Triesto and combining with imagination and knowledge a […]

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