The fabulous story of Ouzo roots in the beginning ( 1204 ) of the 13 th Century and is closely connected with the fourth Crusade and the subsequent occupation of the Southern Peloponnese by the State of Venice.

The inception magic art of distillation and production of alcohol was first discovered by the Egyptians and was rapidly spread to the Iberian peninsula during the Arab domination.

The refinement of the production method occurred into the big convents of Spain and France and very fast the accumulation of scientific knowledge leaded to products with fine taste and flavour.

All the ports of Messinia ,Kalamata , Pilos , Methoni and Koroni with their imposing fortifications developed intensive commercial and cultural relations with the states of Italy and France.

Kalamata as the capital of Messinia Barony under the sovereignty of the prince Villardouin became a center of production of spirits and distillates. The production was so famous that commercial ships called at the port of Kalamata for provisions of large quantities of spirits in bulk .

Ouzo, Brandy, Limoncello into elegant presentations.

Miniature bottles with ouzo, Brandy and Liqueurs.

The art of selecting, extracting, distilling and blending a big variety of aromatic plants herbs and roots is a privilege of Callicounis Distilleries since 1850.

From then until now the cumulative experience and skill of four generations of Callicounis Distillers combined with the natural advantages leaded into the creation of a big range of fine Liqueurs.

Discover the discrete aromatic notes followed by the full taste and warmness of the wised balanced "bouquet".

Fruit flavored extracts are used for the production of fruit schnapps with a refreshing note ideal for cocktails and complements to ice creams and fruit desserts.

Wine distillates from the best wine producing areas of Greece are matured into small oak casks into the big cellar of the Distillery.

During the long time of maturation the selected distillates blend and mellow slowly nearing perfection with every passing year. Only when they have reached full maturity and velvet smoothness are ready for the proceeding of blending.

To blend and marry distillates of different origins is and still remains a fine art gained over years of experience. The master piece of the CALLICOUNIS DISTILLING COLLECTION .

Over the years young barrels and later more mature ones , enhance the unique character of this BRANDY and give its flamboyant color, mellowness and richness made up of incomparable savours.

It reveals a remarquable smoothness and aroma both intense and delicate with hints of fruits and flowers .