These unique small evergreen trees grow mainly on the island of Chios, whereby mastic, the resin from a Mastic tree is gathered and infused in the distilling process to create Masitha.

Its flavour base is strong in licorice and is often used in cooking. It can be served neat or on ice.

Tsipouro is a pomace based drink that is very strong and produced by distilling.

In different areas they call it different names, however this potent drink is best accompanied with food or a Mezes.

A traditional Greek spirit aperatif that is licorice/anise flavoured and when mixed with water, it turns into a cloudy, opaque white colour which is called "ouzo effect".

No other beverage is so synonymously linked to a country’s culture and in 2006 the Greek government won the exclusive right to use the product name ouzo.

It is a potent drink and its usual alcohol content is 40% because of its high sugar content, the alcohol release is delayed.