Tentura is a liqueur that originates from a monestary in the 15th century in the city of Patras.

It contains fermented cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and various citrus fruits – combined to give a flavour that is truly spicy and nutty in essence. Ideal in hot beverages to give it a "extra kick".

Kitron is a Greek lemon that has a thicker skin and bigger in size and tends to be sweeter than the traditional lemon.

It is very unique variety grown mostly in the island of Naxos. The kitron lemon gives this liqueur its base and the result is a "sweet and sour liqueur".

Traditionally made by many families, as it is something that is passed on from generation to generation because they utilize the ‘vissino cherries’ (sour cherry) that they grow to make this sweet liqueur.

The most important aspect to this liqueur is the quality of the cherries used. When drinking this neat or as an ingredient in a topping or dressing, there is no mistaking the aromatic flavours of this cherry. It is a liqueur that has ‘bottled vissino cherries’ inside.

Herbal Liqueur is a unique beverage as it contains 9 mixture of herbs incorporating the best flavours of Greek and other aromatic herbs to make this outstanding digestif.

The recipe is a Callicounis original and many of our current customers claim that it is excellent to drink after every meal.

A traditional Greek liqueur that uses Raki and Honey mixed with regional herbs are a delicious sweet drink.

Often mixed into hot drinks like tea or coffee, bartenders of present are using this "timeless" drink to make "uniquely" Greek cocktails.

See our original "Rakomelo" Cocktail in the Recipes.