This spirit became popular in the late 1800’s as an aperatif in Turin, Italy.

It was traditionally used for medicinal purposes because of all the botanical ingredients that are used to make this fortified aromatic spirit. Callicounis’s Vermouth is unique because of the special ingredients that are used. A proprietary mixture of ingredients are assembled and added to the base wine. After the wine is aromatized and refortified, the vermouth is sweetened by adding cane sugar.

Our brand "Jackson" has been a very strong product in our line of classic spirits.

Many bars and hotels, particularly in the Greek Islands pick this brand as their choice of gin either used in cocktails or "straight up".

"Albatros" rum and dark rum is smooth and sweet.

When people try our rum for the first time they are presently surprised at the essence that is captured in the rum and how fragrant and tasty Albatros is and in particular its particular superior quality.

Due to the many years of experience in the spirits industry, our customers have asked us to make our own Vodka.

As a result, we have created our own brand called "Status" which includes regular Vodka, Lemon and Currant.

The quality is most comparable to other "big names", however the difference is our company belief in ensuring value and quality.